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Check out this nice new Concord traffic pattern courtesy of the current trustees. Although they say they had nothing to do with it, they advocated this traffic pattern to lead you ultimately to their risky high density Town Center "Vision", proven by Defend Concord in our recent mailer (see post below in purple).

A resident of Concord gave us permission to post his video. He sent the same video to Chris Galloway. It took him 4 lights to get through this intersection on 44 and he was only 5 cars back. That's about 1 car per green light (or in the case of this video, barely one car and only after risking an accident). Watch how the light turns green and there's gridlock so no one can move. Then watch the first car in the line which is that SUV with the trailer (who would be the only one to get out during the whole green light) be forced to pull out into on coming traffic or get stuck at the light again.

Everyone makes mistakes. But this trustee mistake cost our township a fortune that we will never recoup. And instead of taking responsibility the trustees once again play The Blame Game and blame the Ohio Department of Transportation. That's not leadership. That's INCOMPETENCE.


“Of course, questions and comments about public policy or governance are always appropriate and always welcome in the audience portion of the Trustee’s Meeting.”
– Trustee Chris Galloway……REALLY??

See what happens when someone asks the current Concord Trustees about the RFP.

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